The English Department aims to develop each child to be effective communicators with a strong foundation in the English Language.

STELLAR (Strategies for Teaching English Language Learning and Reading)
At the lower primary, the teacher creates shared reading experiences and teaches language items, structures and skills explicitly, including concepts of print, phonics and grammar. 

The teacher creates a rich language experience for students before they proceed with the writing task.
Caption: The children prepared a feast to thank the non-teaching staff of the school as part of their langauge experience before they embark on their writing process. 

At the upper primary, the students go through sustained silent reading of a common text. This is followed by oral and written activities on word study, genre, grammar and language use. 
Committee Members
HOD Ms Faith Huang
LH Mr Jim Ho
Members Ms Tan Jac See
Mrs Kumar 
Ms Chua Miang Joo
Mr Jonathan Yang
Ms Shermin Low
Miss Zalikha

Ms Sharon Cardoza
Mdm Rynda Tay
Mdm Norliyah
Mr Pang Kim Huan Alex
Ms Yoo Pei Li
Ms Tan Joo Hwee Laura

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