The school focuses on both pupils and teachers as discerning learners. Through the use of ICT, it enables them to take ownership of their own learning, shape and graciously share their personal learning experiences both as individuals and in collaboration with others, as part of the continuous drive towards lifelong learning. 


ICT Goals

  • To use ICT in various subjects to bring about excellence in holistic education.
  • Teachers to utilise ICT in learning and teaching that will foster SDL and CoL among pupils.
  • Teachers to guide pupils in using ICT safely and responsibly.
  • To use ICT to promote and enhance sustainable partnership among the communities and different stakeholders.

Committee Members
HOD Mr Ong Wee Leong
MEMBERS Mdm Norliyah
Miss Li Min (Education Technology Executive)
Mr Khairy (Technology Assistant)
Info Management and School Cockpit
CHAIRPERSON   Mr Ong Wee Leong
MEMBERS   Ms Lee Su Ping
Ms Cai Qiuling
Mr Lim Ze Wei
Mdm Marhaini Usalli (Admin Manager)
Ms Jennifer Tan (Admin Manager)