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Leadership Camp

The objective of the Leadership Camp is to enable pupils to discover themselves and their goals as pupil leaders, work cooperatively in teams and acquire leadership skills; which will serve to guide the Prefects and CCA leaders in their development as they carry out their leadership responsibilities. P3 prefects explored the expectations and responsibilities of being a pupil leader, P4 picked up communication and management skills to help them perform their duties and tasks more effectively and the P5 acquired mentoring skills to help them mentor others and inspire their teams.

Pupil leaders showing off the game tokens they have earned for their team through collaboration and great team spirit. They learnt that by inspiring a shared vision and encouraging the hearts of the team members, being the leaders, they can bring their team to success.

Leader 1.jpg
Every pupil leader, prefect or CCA leader, were given opportunities to take on leadership roles in their teams, from which they learnt the essential skills of being an effective leader. Here, pupil leaders are enabling others to act through encouraging words and challenging the process by thinking out of the box to complete the task.  leader 2.jpg
Having effective communication skill is one of the characteristics of a successful leader. During the leadership camp, the pupil leaders got to understand the importance of effective communication through an activity where two pupils were blindfolded and the other team members had to articulate their instructions in order to achieve their goal of completing the task. leader 3.jpg

 After the activities, consolidation of learning is done through reflections and linking the learning to the five practices of exemplary leadership. Pupil leaders were able to highlight characteristics of each practice when they reflect on what they have done during the camp. leader 4.jpg