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afterschool by NTUC First Campus

afterschool by NTUC First Campus was started in 2016 to meet working families’ demand for reliable, quality student care. Based within primary schools, afterschool provides a continuum of care for children after their school hours.

afterschool provides students with engaging experiences that develop them holistically, balancing between academic and co-academic within a home-like environment. The programme and activities are designed to complement and align to the objectives set out in MOE’s Primary School Curriculum and each school’s vision, mission and values so that students can benefit from an integrated learning experience throughout the school-year. They are committed to providing children with a joyful afterschool experience with a myriad of experiential activities, guided homework supervision, healthy meals provision under the utmost love and care by a team of qualified teachers.



To raise joyful, confident, sociable and resilient children ready for life


To provide a joyful afterschool experience where children can learn and play together



Strategic Thrust 1: Competent and Caring Staff

Strategic Thrust 2: Children who are ready for life

Strategic Thrust 3: Effective Partnership


Our vision and mission guide us in developing our students to be joyful, confident, sociable and resilient individuals who are ready for life challenges. We achieve that with the implementation of our signature Experiential Education Programme and building a team of committed and competent staff.

Strategic Thrust 1: Competent and Caring Staff

1.jpgMs Cathy, Ms Florence, Ms Afiqah and Ms Hariny 
2.jpgMs Afiqah, Ms Hariny, Ms Cathy and Ms Valerie 

3.jpgThe team attending our monthly professional development session conducted by Manager Ms Annissa 

Strategic Thrust 2: Children who are ready for life

WOW! @ afterschool
Experiential Education (Joyful) Programme for the month of January and February
    • Safety starts with me!
4.jpgSafety starts with me! Students learning about road safety through play

5.jpgStudents developing a survey on safety practices around the school

6.jpgA Teacher accompanying Jayden and Justin for their first self-dismissal to ensure a safe route to the bus stop

    • Lunar New Year appreciation letter!

Syahirah preparing her appreciation for Mummy, Principal Ms Cheong, Mdm Norliyah, Mdm Norliyana, Bao Zhen and other friends.

Principal Ms Cheong, Vice-Principal Mr Ramesh and Vice-Principal Mdm Lee receiving appreciation red packets from afterschool students

Ms Hariny engaging Liam as he prepares his appreciation for Mummy, Mr Ramesh and school friends


School cleaning staff Mdm receiving appreciation red packet from students for helping to keep the school clean

11.jpgStudents presenting appreciation red packet to school canteen vendor Ms Irene for helping to provide nutritious and delicious meals

School security staff Mr Singh receiving appreciation red packet from students for helping to keep the school safe


Yuzikrilhakim focusing on his appreciation letter for Mummy dearest

    • Outdoor to learn and play!
14.jpgStudents getting ready to try the traditional game of capteh – it was followed by a lively reflection discussion on traditional games, modern games and game design

15.jpgLuke showing resilience despite being very new to capteh

16.jpgStudents learning about rules, turn-taking and teamwork through playing the water relay game

17.jpgPoh Wei doing his best not to spill water from his cup as his team cheers him on

18.jpgYee Git and Johnny  celebrating their team’s win together – a WOW afterschool moment

    • Sharing is Caring!
19.jpgLet’s pay attention! Students learning active listening through play

20.jpgLet’s share and let’s care! Students learning sharing and caring values through EE CCE program

21.jpgAnother WOW afterschool moment with afterschool friends

Strategic Thrust 3: Effective Partnership

·         Parents’ appreciation

Ms Daphne (Mother of Kate Micklea): Just to share with you. Overall, I think she is enjoying school and also her afterschool care. Thank you so much for your care and attention yesterday.

Mr Taka (Father of Hiro) and Mr Minami (Grandfather of Hiro): I wanted to formally say Thank you for taking great care of Hiro at afterschool.

Ms Tang (Grandmother of Liam): I have a good report about NTUC afterschool because the Teachers are very well trained; I heard from 3 parents.

·         Centre Closure (March)

Friday, 30 March

Good Friday

Public Holiday


·         Centre Full Day Care 7.30am – 7pm (March)

Monday – Friday, 12 March – 16 March

School Holidays

·         Contact Details

Cathy Ng (Ms)

Centre Supervisor

Afterschool by NTUC First Campus at Farrer Park Primary School

Email  Address: aslfpp@ntucafterschool.com 

Contact Number : 8787 8003 (Mon – Fri, 11am – 6.45pm)